Places where the sun is your friend. Part 1

Islands with heart(Greece)

Year after year we coud return to the islands with heart from the Aegean  Sea.

The landscape is wild and the climate is hot. Some islands are wild and some are an important touristic center.

Aegina is the most accessible island because is near Athena. Here you can visit historical buildings and churches.

Hydra is a little island situated in the Saronic Gulf, Poros is crowded and Spetses is where John Fowles place the action of Magician novel.

Skyros is the island where the conservation of the traditional greek is kept at is best.

The visit of the Ithaca island, home of Odysseus is essential four each turist.

Creta is the biggest island in Greece, here has developed the most old and refined european culture, that is the mysterious culture of mionic.

The most remarkable monument of the antic world is Cnossos, most archaeologists consider that is a royal palace and the center of the most big imperium of the Eugene islands.


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